Friday, June 15, 2012

Memories Of That One-Time Pre-Wedding Hair Freak-Out

Excuse the superior randomness (with regards to both, topic and time) of this post but... I was clearing out my comp and backing up my stuff when I stumbled upon these pictures, taken almost a year ago at the KRPG porch, on Wednesday, the 29th of June 2011.

Wondering what I was doing?? Hahaha. Well, I was having a major pre-wedding freak-out. (Bridezilla moment?) Somehow, I just had it in my mind that my recently dyed hair was waaaay too firey-brown for the wedding. I wanted chocolate. I told the hairstylist chocolate. He said this was chocolate. But in the sun – as you can see from that first pic – IT! SO! WAS! NOT! So I gave in to my psychotic emotions and had a mini meltdown. Hahahaha. 

I made Mee take pictures of my hair in the sun for me to verify the colour and decide if I should get it re-done ASAP. Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have been such a pain about it if I wasn't to take any outdoor pics in the sun cos the colour actually looks ok indoors. But since we were to have a garden wedding at Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, and our pre-wedding shots were to be outdoors at Lone Pine Hotel, I figured... things could go REALLY wrong. 

You see, I didn't want to be one of those brides who walked down the aisle with jeng jeng hair during her wedding cos she thought it was "in" at the time. I wanted something natural. Hair that actually looked like it was mine. (Later my grandkids cannot recognise me then how??) In fact, the only reason I resorted to dyeing my hair was cos it was half dyed to begin with. -_-''' (I know, that's like telling a new lie to cover an old lie. Sorta.) 

So... yeah. I definitely knew what I didn't want my hair to look like. And it totally looked like I had it sitting right smack on my head anyways. T_T That is, of course, until I made Nana – the woman with the brightest hair in the office – squat down next to me with her own firey hair for a comparison pic.

Me on the left, Nana on the right.

I felt better after this and didn't
end up going for a re-dye. =p


Anyway, this hair-dye drama now
feels like a whole lifetime ago today.

11 months and 6 days – that's how long The Husband and I have been married. (11 months and 12 days if you take into account the legal paperwork, which we don't.) Time flies. Now, we're just 24 days to our first anniversary! Whoa! And boy, have we come a long way since the wedding. We're going through new experiences daily, living out new chapters of our lives together, in a city different from the one we took our vows in. 

So, jeng jeng hair?

Only a distant memory
of good times past now. =p


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