Monday, July 30, 2012


We hardly ever realise how important certain decisions are until we've made them and are living with the consequences. Sure, the older folk tell us it's important. And yeah, we hear them. But we don't actually get it until we start living in the good or bad times that come, following the decisions we make.

Like choosing the right course to undertake out of the many hundreds that are offered in uni. Pick the wrong one and your future and career is pretty much doomed. The right one, on the other hand, ensures you'll never have to go hungry, and even if you do go hungry sometimes, it'll be worth it.

That, or choosing the right man to marry. Give your hand in marriage to the wrong man and your happiness and bloodline is screwed. But with the right man, you know that whatever good or bad life brings, a good man always makes even the worst of situations bearable as long as it's him you have by your side.

Instead, we waste our time worrying about the other inconsequential things in life. Like whether our friends are headed to the same uni as we are. Or whether our ivory shoes match our egg-white wedding gown. We do all that instead of keeping our focus on the things that actually matter and will carry weight.

But then again, looking back at how things were before they became what they are, would you be able to tell that this is what would become of your decisions if you hadn't known then what you know now? Possibly not. For hindsight tells more accurate tales than foresight ever could.

I only know I took the right course in the right uni because I'm happy where I am and I love doing what I do. The late nights, the crazy deadlines – they're all worth it. Maybe not to you, but they are to me. Cos they were my right decision. And because of that, today, I'm enjoying all the good that that right decision has brought my way.

I also only know I married the right man because every sacrifice I've made for us to arrive at where we are, have also been worth it. Perhaps not to eyes beyond ours, but to me and hopefully to him, they're all worth it. The friendships I've had to forgo, the full-time job I've had to give up, and the interests I've had to sacrifice. They have to be worth it. And I'll enjoy the good these decisions will bring my way, someday.


Lydia Sim said...

hi pam. i hope the same for myself. shared this as a link on my FB, if you dont mind.. cheers

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lydia Sim
– Hey Lydia. I hope married life is treating you well these days. =) Here's to the both of us. Cheers!

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