Tuesday, July 24, 2012

EATON Nasi Kunyit, Batu Lanchang

If there's one place to get Nasi Kunyit
in Penang, it's gotta be EATON, Batu Lanchang.

5 packs of Eaton Nasi Kunyit plus 1 pack of baby Ang Ku Kuih
(the latter's for The Husband) from Dee and Mee.

Penangites often turn to them to get traditional baby 1-month "mua guik" boxes to give to friends and family to announce the arrival of a newborn. Red-dyed eggs with Ang Ku Kuih are usually included. (Can't remember if there's anything else in the box aside from this. :-/)

I used to love it when babies of people close to us are born because that means Nasi Kunyit is coming!! Whoopie! But that was before I grew up and realised that I could just walk into EATON and buy a packet of Nasi Kunyit from the stores without occasion. HAHA.

Unfortunately, a lot of people with kids nowadays are moving toward the new move of giving out KFC meal vouchers and TGV/GSC vouchers instead of this traditional gift box filled with yummy goodies. I wonder why. This is SO much better (to eat) and is definitely more meaningful! Some traditions – especially the yummy ones – are not to be broken!!

EATON Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken.
It ain't fancy food but it's the best in all the land. =)


Ping Ping said...

some people pantang eating mua guik stuff...some people pantang lots of thing..like my ah ma...i love everything la..kfc, eaton, gsc, tgv, hampalang come..i dun mind *hint*...hahaha..anyways, there are also shops in Penang offering special mua guik package which is super expensive and lost the traditional items..they got cupcakes, tarts etc...

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Ping Ping
– REALLY!? But whyyyy??? I don't mind pantang-ing stuff that gets me out of duties like, cannot sweep floor on NY day or something. But the yummy stuff... WHYYYY??? I'm like you. Apa pun sapu. Hahaha.

Yer... all those cupcake kinds not traditional liao la. I don't like. I think cute baby cupcakes are ok for baby showers but not for the mua guik.

ms.bulat said...

omgosh. Don't even know this tradition exist. can go shoot myself liao!

p.s// looks good. i should really go eat when i go back penang laaa. but everything is closed during CNY!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: ms.bulat
– Never knew?? How can worrrr... Ya ya! Go makan. I think they'll be closed for 1 week nia. So stay 10 days! =p

Pam Song said...

ATTN: ms.bulat
– One more thing. I want Magnum!!! Hahaha.

Ping Ping said...

I only pantang offering food..hehe..others i hentam je..dunno why pantang also, my ah ma say pantang..never get to eat throughout childhood k??cuz ah ma give away all before we sempat eat..so mum will alwiz buy from the shop for us..hehe..n yes..i want my red eggs and nasi kunyit for mua guik please..dun give those fancy mancy box with those ang mo stuff...that one i can eat any day..nice nasi kunyit not easy to find..n i dun get to eat red eggs every day..although tak de rasa one..hehe

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Ping Ping
– I don't eat the red eggs actually. You're right. Tasteless wan. I only sapu the nasi kunyit (my dad will fight me for it) and I'll take one ang ku. Haha. Everything else not interested di. Hahaha.

At least your mom buy for you so still get to eat. You want the egg, boil sendiri lah! I see your blog macam you great cook ma. =p

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