Friday, January 30, 2009

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Double Tongue SKU #108709F

I want it! Very badly! Like,
I'm totally lusting after it, okayyy.

Take picture from outside
the store also fun. Sad case.

Snapped this pic at Gurney Plaza – the very first place
I saw the Double Tongue Converse that stole my heart.

Cos it looks like this *points below* up close:

*saliva drips*

*bulu roma stands*

*heart palpitates*

*eyes flutter*

*knees go weak*


Stupid Penang store sales people tell me
they don't make 'em in my size. >(

(Ok lah. Actually the Penang staff
were quite nice. I'm just being pissy.)

Seriously lah. I don't like Converse wan. Cos they remind me of my highschool North Stars. Haha. But these ones... fuyoh! See so nice can die. I got so desperate that I started hunting for them online. And they have it!

Seems like it looks nicer in real life... but still so nice.

But they don't ship to Malaysia. -_-
And it's cheaper by a few tenners here.


And since I was in Penang at the time (CNY hols), I started calling my KL friends to go find 'em for me. Sunway Pyramid doesn't have them. Confirm-firm. YapThomas said that they didn't even seem interested in doing his business when he went about asking them about the shoes. *grunt* (See what I told you about Customer Service???) Oh oh! And then, The Husband made me a "husband's promise" – that we'll get me these shoes. Haha. I'm gonna hold him to it.

But... me being me, I still had to do what I could. (Cheh? You think what? So hopelessly dependent on other people ah? Cannoooootttt. Must be independent a bit lah.) So I asked Butt Crack (the male shopaholic who's terrorising London at the mo) and Doktor Lurve – so much for being independent, haha – if they could find me these Double Tongues in the UK. Wakaka. Desperado kau kau. =p

But sometimes, I really don't know
what to do with (one of) these boys. -_-'

And then, Butt Crack sent me this pic:

Which was really bad cos


And then I couldn't stop browsing...

*smacks self*

(Or a pair of nice Converse.)


Can somebody help me find a nice pair in a Size 3??? Pleeeassseeee??? Cos this *points below* is what my foot looks like in a Size 4. ='(



Resurrected said...

wah so small one your feet
you know what they say about women with small feet?

bananababe said...

Oh...I saw it too and thought of buying it as well before cny...
nvm la...after I've bought it, I wear for you to see la...haha

ms.bulat said...

-_- so small your feet pam!
and the patches one looks nice too -_- die.

ming said...

its so cheap in Us.. =p they even have outlet for it..its like 2 for 30 bucks..hahahahaha

pamsong said...

ATTN: Resurrected
– Hahaha. What? I only know what they say about men's feet. That's all.

ATTN: bananababe
– Forget it, woman. I bought it last night already. Hahahahaha. Will blog it soon. Now I need to go lace up my new shuz!!! Wakakaka.

ATTN: ms.bulat
– Haha. Yeah. Can be troublesome looking for certain types of shoes. =p

And ya lor! Nice hor??? HAIH!

ATTN: ming
– EH EH! BUY FOR MEEEE!!! I already bought this one. Buy the patches wan for meeeee!!!

bananababe said...

Ish..Always never wait for me eh....

ming said...

tooo late! i am going home..hahaahah

Chris said...

why is the tongue showing?

Its like wearing underwear on the outside.

pamsong said...

ATTN: bananababe
– Haha. You're always a step behind, dearie. Keep up, will ya! =p

ATTN: ming
– Hahaha. Damn. HURRY ON BACK!

ATTN: Chris
– What's wrong with the tongue showing? It looks awesome! Hahaha. You're just jealous. =p

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