Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hello, Freaksville! I'm Back.

No need for introductions. Enough has been said.

Today, I stand at #10.

10. I always, always, always put songs on repeat. If you've been a reader from my TOTT days, you'd know. Heh. I love music. No-music-no-life and all that. To the avid music lover, torrent-ing becomes an euphoric experience. Yes yes, euphoric. Haha. And after every download, iTunes' repeat mode becomes my favourite button of all time. I've got thousands upon thousands of songs in my playlist but I tend to get stuck on certain tracks on and off... and there goes the rest. Right out the window. Sigh. My play count category on iTunes just looks, uh... weird.

11. I colour code my wardrobe in organized sections. I'm pretty particular about my clothes. I wouldn't say that I'm totally anal about it all but it's just that I like it better this way. It's a preference, not an essential requirement. Let me explain. My clothes are, first, arranged according to sections (i.e. jeans, shorts, sports/exercise pants, t-shirts, baby-tees, dresses, blouses, shirts, slacks, etc...). Once they're correctly placed within those sections, they're then arranged according to colour (i.e. reds, greens, blues, yellows, whites, blacks, etc...). Wait, I'm not done. After that, within the confines of the various colour categories, they are arranged according to colour shades and tones (i.e. from the darkest blue to the lightest one). Ahhh. I love my wardrobe. Oh yeah, and just so you know, they're also arranged according to length and width, too! But, uh... let's not go into that. *grin*

12. I never touch chicken. Firstly, it's a freaking bird, man. Who'd ever want to touch a bird?! Anyone with half a brain would know better than to do that. Ever heard of SARS!? It kills! Haiyo. Those winged creatures are a health hazard. Wise up! Be like me. I'm smart. I use the help of handy cutleries – the fork and knife. Civilization rocks. Alternatively, thick rubber gloves (the kind people use to wash toilets) work pretty well, too. So, yeah. From the moment I make the purchase to the point I gobble it all down, Mr Chicken and I don't make physical contact. At all.

13. I love doing laundry. MY laundry. (Heh. I'm not taking the chance of any of you taking advantage of me for free laundry services. Just thought it'd had better be made clear from the start. *grin* Hah! Busted!) So anyways, I love doing laundry. It's therapeutic. Very relaxing. It clears my mind and helps me de-stress. When I do my laundry, I feel in tune with my feminine side (and I get a teeny tiny kick from feeling that way). Plus, I love the smell of soap powder and softener (Go, Softlan!). It makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Makes me want to snuggle. And I love snuggling. Mmm, heavenly! Yeah, I'd take a clean pile of clothes to a dirty one any day. And I just wanted to end this with... NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS LIFETIME, bozo! Wake up! Free laundry services? Pfft. Go wash your own clothes.

14. I'm really anal about ironing. Really anal. I can't stand slip shot ironing. Unsightly creases, uneven lines, print smears... Yuck! I HATE print smears. Pam's Commandment #11 – Never EVER smear the print on her clothes. She'll crucify you and while you're on your way to PrintSmear Hell, she'll personally brand you with her super power PrintSmear killer steam iron. You see, I believe in perfection when it comes to ironing. It's an art form, really. If you studied the grace of an iron on a piece of clothing, you'd see the beauty of it all. Every article neatly pressed, every line parallel to the other, every crease evened out, and every fold deliberate. When it comes to ironing, there shall be no room for mistakes, and no excuses to be made. I mean serious business. Never mess with Pam when she has an iron in her hand.

*blink blink*

Tags are bad. Tags are very unhealthy.
Tags should be banned for the good of mankind.


No wonder I never took them seriously before and never did any even if I got tagged... till this once. Sigh. Bad move on my part. It looks like the effects are longterm ones and that's definitely bad when we're talking about I-Am-Weird topics. This is so ruining my reputation, man. Bad, bad, bad.

Need. To. Stop. This. Tag.

Help. I need help.


Leon said...

Holy Mother Of God!

Kindly give my sincere and heartfelt condolences to your future husband. He's gonna need it real soon after he got hitched.


pamsong said...

Pfft. Like petty stuff like these would serve to deter a REAL MAN. Leon needs some bucking up. Tsk tsk.

delvc said...

repeat song is weird ?then i mah very very weird ..i only listen to one song a day ..and repeat 24 hour.

pamsong said...

Haha. Ya la. Weird lo! Tau pun. Haha. That's exactly what I do. Dengar over and over and over tak jelak. Haha. My play count beratus-ratus wan. Some even pecah thousand when only listen one week. HAHA.

zecount said...

who in the world is that??? might be coincidence but that is so not me ...and i certainly wouldn't ask u to do my laundrey (big big warning there) i would certainly ask for ur ironing services heheheh

Jo-no said...

Pam just keeps getting freakier and freakier doesnt she !?


but, amen, lots of Ironing is a must.

Jo-no said...

(Scoffs* and she says I freak her out)

zecount said...

hahahaha ... actaully come to think of it .. the future husband would be so lucky leh ... some one to do the laundry AND ironing ...and sumone who actually loves doing it hahaha ..hmmm ... eh tinki why u only child lah .. u should have one more sister mah

pamsong said...

ATTN: Leon
– You wouldn't be able to afford my ironing services. Heh. Ker-chiiinng!

Haha. And nope. My parents decided to close the "factory" after a while. Probably when you have kids who keep wanting to do their laundry and iron clothes for a lifetime, you realise that you'll end up doing rugi business wan. Husband's side untung everything only. HAHA.

ATTN: Jono
– Says who?! You? Hey. You're not that far off okay. Haha. You're pretty freaky too! Just take a look at that display pic of yours la. Even the devil wouldn't put that costume on on Halloween's, man.

Amen to ironing.

Jo-no said...

Aww...and I thought you were artsy !

Everyone thinks its cool and but you compared it to the devil ?!

what does that maketh thee ?

Thou art evil!

Purify my laundry and thine sins shall be forgiven !

pamsong said...

You call that art!? Which planet did you come from!? *snicker* And about that being cool... Well, I think I'll pass. Haha.

I think I'm kinda liking this particular sin. It's like my vice. Yum. Too good to pass on. Nyek nyek.

Leon said...

I can iron my own clothes. Been doing it since, oh ages ago when I left home for college.

I don't see the frills and all the bwa hoo haa about it. It's just ironing, for crying out loud.

But I can't iron a chick's clothing worth a damn. Women's clothing are .. well, weird. It's almost like an art to try and master ironing them.

Rayon, viscose cotton and silk are the worst. Very bad news.

Just thought I'd share my two cents with 'mo brothers out there.

pamsong said...

And he makes another appearance. I'm having mixed feelings right now.

Anyway, I never said that ironing's rocket science. It's... art. But it's art some people just aren't able to master.

You say you iron your own clothes. Hmmm. If there's no bwa hoo haa in your ironing, I doubt you're doing that great a job at it. Hah! You're probably looking down at your print-stained chest going, "Damn, she's right. I can't iron for nuts."

And it's not that our clothes are weird. It's just that them designers know they can trust us not to ruin their designs should they want to come up with anything more interesting and fashionable. You, men, limit their artistic creativity thanks to your lack of ironing skills. Sigh.

*blink blink*

You've fried silk before, haven't you?

zecount said...

just to keep the record straight .. leon n zecount diff person lah tinki u go check the profile then u knowlah .. and i also iron my own clothes (more like force to) but me no touching any girl clothes ..satu kali kena ... remeber for life!!

Leon said...


About the future husband being lucky, you can give it a try.

Stay away from gals like these. I can smell feminism a mile away. She's from the Dark Side, man.

Strong with this one, the Force is. Hmmm...

Ignore my warning at your own peril. You will die young and painful.

Cheers :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zecount
– OF COURSE I know. Cheh. You sound nothing like him. He's evil in a human suit (if he even comes with a body, that is). No need to check.

Haha. Whose clothes you fry la? Which girl actually allowed you near enough to her clothes for you to fry them like TheOtherLeon did?

Do you realise something about TheOtherLeon? He does the Star Wars thing, too! Haha. How cool is that? Another fella who's succumbed to Lameritis. We ada kaki =p

ATTN: Leon
– Zecount isn't as "off" as YOU are (despite my nick for him), you woman hater. Stay the way you are and you'll die depressed and alone. All. Alone. So, Sith, enjoy that testosterone buzz while it lasts. You'll be missing estrogen soon enough.

Leon said...

Oh, I love women. I love em skinny, I love em plump (well, okay, not that plump).

I love A cups, I love B cups, I love C cups. I love thongs and Gs. I love cute tight arses and those alluring eyes.

I love shweet smellin after-shampoo hair, long hair, short hair, straight, wavy, I love em all.

I am a man of peace, and a man with lots of love to give.

How, then, can you say I hate women? I just hate feminists.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Leon
– Right. You love women. But you love them as mere objects that fascinate through smell and physical appearance. Nothing more. Soulless shells with a hefty rack and a tight arse.

That's sad, man.

And YOU?! Lots of love to give? I don't see it, man. You love nothing and no one but yourself. Narcissist. Hate feminists all you want. I hate narcissists.

Find yourself a nice girlfriend, will ya? Perhaps she'll change your mind. One your mother would approve of. And you know her take on all that, don't you? I think she's made herself clear. Haha.

p/s: I'm Hakka and proud of it. *stab stab* =)

ATTN: Zecount
– See, this is precisely why I know it's not you.

Felicia said...

sigh...I remember kena smack just bcause I asked you whether u wanna buy this chicken feet. And the crazy times in the kitchen trying to boil herbal chicken soup...

pamsong said...

Haha. Hey babe. You laaa. Dun simply wave chicken feet around. Very dangerous. You FELT how dangerous it is first hand. =p

I WANT HERBAL CHICKEN SOUP!!! Nobody want to cook with me wannn. =(

Leon said...

Are you mad? Just which sane girl in the world would wanna have a bf like me?

On second thought, I can be rather charming at times....... hmm...


pamsong said...

Oh, don't worry. I never once wondered if a sane girl would fall for you. Only one who was either an inch away from insane or one who was a demented cat.


I'm finding it a wee bit hard to imagine you as the sweep-a-woman-off-her-feet charmer. No, sorry. I meant VERY hard to imagine.

Leon said...

It's all in the eyes :)

ming said...

i love helping tinki to hang her clothes after she is done with the washing...=p


ing -17

pamsong said...

ATTN: Leon
– YOUR eyes, or HER eyes?

*blink blink*

What am I saying? Gotta be hers. Monsters don't got eyes.

ATTN: Ming
– Yes yes. Anal about my laundry. That, I am. Ing17 knows me well. I think I need you to come back. Hanging clothes in the middle of the night has grown to be a very lonely affair.

ming said...

hahaha...=p have your kitty cats to teman you...i mean the cats that always walk around the house la..=p

pamsong said...

Eeyer. I dun wan, thank you very much. You quickly fly back la. What you doing so far away?

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