Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And The Crapping Continues...

And I'm back!

Remember that friend I spoke about that time?
Well, she bounced back with a reply on her blog!

Jeng jeng jeng!

Haha. But, worry not for Tinki's safety. There wasn't a cat fight, we weren't at each other's throats, and we didn't trade scratches. Call back all ambulances for all limbs and eyeballs are in place. And to all you sickos out there, sorry but there's no drama for you here. We're adults. Mature adults… who only trade girlie spats on our blogs for kicks. =p

Well, I spat not this time for I've been listed
as one of her "Blogs Worth Reading"!


[Click on image to enlarge if you're half blind.]


I feel like I've just won an Oscar at the Academy Awards for blogs.
(Blog-scar just sounded lame so I decided to scratch that.)

And she even said…


I inspire her?

How cool is that?

I feel like a proud mother already! (Except with no massive stretch marks on my tummy and no baby to hold. Bleh.) Okay la. That's it. By hook or by crook, I'm getting my name etched in the great books of history – right between Mother Theresa's and Gandhi's. Remember me now, for they will call me "The Inspirer". (I'll make them.)

And dear friends, this is my favourite part of all time.

Holy smokes!
That freaking rocks, wei.
Aww, so meng-kamtong-kan!
My very first one!

*fans (no pun intended) eyes
to keep tears from blotching imaginary make-up*

*takes deep breath*

"So thank you all for this amazing award. *sob* First, I'd like to thank God for giving me this amazing gift – the gift of being able to crap stuff outta me that people actually like. *sniffle* And next, I'd like to thank my friends and family for putting up with my incessant crapping all this while. And last but not least, my heartfelt thanks goes out to my one-person-only fan base. You make it all worthwhile. And before they brush me off the stage, thank you all so much. Have a good night. *choke* Kiss kiss."

*walks off imaginary stage
to the imaginary sounds
of an imaginary full orchestra*


Jo-no said...

And Pam wins the Grammy for the fith time in a row for best-hom-hum-inspiration-crap-filled-chatboxless-blog award.

Pams so happy! Look at her - She doesnt know where she is.

Look! I try to joke too.

Jo-no said...

Oh, haha and Im SUCH a fan.

pamsong said...

Haha. Good one. Nice try. I think I joke slightly better though. =p

And YOU!? A fan!? Wow. I'll bet I'll be seein' a blue moon tonight.

*keeps camera close*

I'll be kickin your butt for lying if that blue moon doesn't make an appearance.

Jo-no said...

Blue moons only appears when pam doesnt crap-blog.

There you go, act suprised.

pamsong said...

And what's wrong with crap-blogging!? Huh? Huh? I built my single-member fan base on crap-blogging okay! Now, GIMMIE THAT BLASTED BLUE MOON!

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