Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant


Tomyam soup and 'cheng' soup.

How cannn???

*smacks self then slams forehead into wall (365 x 2) times*
(It's waaay too late in the work day for a Comm student to
conquer Math, ok? And I'm too lazy to grab a calculator. -_-)

Last I went was when I was 'dragged' and 'forced' into going for a male friend's (yes, I just have to specify) family dinner. Like... his FAMILY FAMILY kinda dinner. (No harm stressing my point twice.) Like, PARENTS + COUSINS + GRAND UNCLES kinda dinner. *sweat* So stress can die wei. Haha. But... I survived. And today, close to three years from that night, I still live to tell that tale.

Haha. Drama. Love it.

So... thing is, I finally found myself back at Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant last Saturday night for YapThomas' birthday celebration. (Kinda sorta. If what a birthday boy gets is the chance to do all the work lah, that is. Haha. Shame on me, I know. =p) And this time, I made a new discovery. No, it wasn't the super-soft, no-fishy-smell fishballs. And no, it wasn't the fresh greens and seafood. Nor was it the awesome, awesome, very-awesome, cannot-fight-anymore-kind-of-awesome chicken wings. It's was...

Steamboat Boi.

Nyek nyek.

That's right, you got it – Steamboat Boi. Arrgh... so kiuts! In a very-decent, good-looking, fair-skinned, non-hunky kinda way lah. Haha. (I'm not particularly partial to bad boys, thankyouverymuch.) But it wasn't his face (or his body) that caught my attention in the first place. It was the fact that out of his mouth flowed PERFECT ENGLISH. No kidding. Like, perfecto Englando, yo. And to me, that's hot. Very hot.

I guess I blame this whole episode to my very own wrong judgement cos, well, I thought he'd be the type to begin every sentence with, "Lei zhi tou mou..." or something like that. But oh, how very wrong of me to assume that. Haha. So since he turned out to be so very tak Cina-fied, I got half-smitten instead by his *ahem* perfecto Englando instead. So as you can probably tell by now, all in all, this totally made for a very interesting steamboat buffet birthday dinner. *winks*

I pity the birthday boy. Really, I do.

I'm sorry we put you up to this, YapThomas. Haha. But now you know how girls are when they're being... well, girls. =p

ANYHEW, YapThomas picked out the first round of lauk pauk. *rolls eyes* Birthday boy summore. Haih. I'm such a pathetic friend to have around on a birthday lah, I tell you. So... I did the honours for Round 2. (Gotta try somehow.)

PLATE 1: Heaps of greens, some not-so-green greens,
balls, and some not-very-round-not-very-bally fish balls.

PLATE 2: Sweet corn, 'shrooms, taufoo
and flower crabs in red and blue shell.

Realised something about them flower crabs. The blue ones tasted better than the red ones did. Dunno why also lah. They're tastier. Sweeter. Saltier. Yummier. Mmm mmm. (Arrgh, hungry again. -_-)

Yes, I was very pleased with my flower crab. =p
(This was the blue-shelled one - longer pinchers.)

But that wasn't the highlight of the night. No, siree. Who cares about flower crabs when you've got...


Thank goodness I didn't have to fight for this plate
of chicken wings. Story later. Don't worry.


My half eaten honey chicken wing.

Tengah makan pun nak ambil gambar bagi you semua tengok. Begitu tingginya dedikasi aku terhadap bloga aku. @_@ OMG, did I just write 'bloga'?!? But wait a minute. What the heck do you call a blog in Malay anyways?! Blog? Blok? Bloga perhaps?!



Anyhew, who cares about language when there's juice to share? Haha. Okay okay. Here's the thing I like about Steamboat Boi: After eating steamboat for awhile, I started to wonder where the chicken wings were (remember I told you I'd story you later?) and if the lack of them in sight was due to the fact that they decided not to prepare chicken wings the day I was there. Posed the question to Steamboat Boi when he came over to refill our soup.

Pam Song: Hey, I'd like to ask... today no chicken wings ah?

Steamboat Boi: *eyes wide open* Got! You missed it already.

Pam Song: *incredulous* Heh?? *frowns* Aiyo. Eh, you chup for us can ah?

Steamboat Boi: Hmmm... Next time before they serve the chicken wings, I call you, okay?

Pam Song: Ok! Cools! Thanks!

See? Perfecto Englando and EQ quite high also. Not bad, right? Didn't agree to something that would peeve the other customers, but also gave me a good alternative that I was more than happy with. Buh-raa-voh! This wan got hope. =p

Anyhew, I just thought that it was pretty sweet of him to stop the serving lady from bringing out the tray of chicken wings just cos I hadn't reached the plate yet. *googly-eyed smile* (My friends who were still at the table told me about this kitchen scenario lah. I was already well on my way to grab chicken wings. AND I'm not that self-obsessed, hello?)

Alrighty then... IT'S RATING TIME!!!

CLEANLINESS: 5/10 – I saw hair in the ice-cream and got very grossed out. Oh did I forget to mention they had ice cream, too??? Kings brand. I had two bowls of jagung ice cream. Yums! And of course, as fate would have it, the hair was in the tub of jagung ice cream lah. -_- Damn suey. Luckily the hair not short and curly. -_-'''

TIMELINESS: 5/10 – I'm not a big fan of waiting in line for food... or rather, for a table. (Though I'd like to think that I'm a pretty patient person when it comes to having to wait for stuff. Serious! I handle traffic jams well!) They've got numbers to call for reservations so I'll probably do that the next time I head over to Yuen's. Cannot tahan lah stand outside and wait for close to an hour. Meaningless. By that time, die of hunger already. Haha. How very ironic. Dying of hunger while waiting in line for a buffet. HAHA. But other than waiting for a table, we didn't have to wait very long for anything else... (It is, after all, a buffet – duh!) ...except the honey chicken wings. =p

SERVICE: 10/10 – Haha. But only cos of you-know-who. *grin* Actually, one of the soup boys kan cheong kan cheong pour soup until he splashed hot soup on one of my friends lah but... I'm going to say that Steamboat Boi kinda made up for it when he made those chicken-wing reports he didn't have to make. =p Nah, they were quite fast, too, lah. Seriously. And they didn't seem like very dirty servers so I was quite pleased with the service we got.

AMBIENCE: 5/10 – The yellow table cloth wouldn't have been my choice of colour (very jeng lah) and place is a tad noisy for my liking but... I guess that's sorta the way most Chinese restaurants are like anyways. Oh, and one other thing I didn't quite like: I had the odor of a boiling steamboat by the end of dinner. Seriously! I smelt like a freaking fishball! RAWR!

PRICE: 9/10 – The stuff's fresh and tasty so I think that it was totally affordable. I must have had like... 10 chicken wings. Or more. Seriously. I know I took 6 but ate more than 6 the first round. (Thomas makan tak habis or something like that.) And the second time, I know I took 4 and ate no less than that. Possibly more. So... yeah. That's on top of all the balls and crabs and scallops and vege and goodness knows what else I took. Haha. All that for only RM19.80 per head (minus drinks). So worth it!!!

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 10/10 – Uh... need I explain myself further or bother to even say why? *grin*

Okay, that's it. I'm done gushing.
Thank you for your time. =p

p/s: Happy 24th birthday Thomas! I hope we didn't ruin it for you with all the boy ogling we did that night. *grin*

Details you may need for a visit to Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant


32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6
Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

+603 5637 5825 or +6016 208 6678 (Ms Susie Teh)


yapthomas said...

One long bloga post!!

Yeah LAH! It was like, hello!! the attention should be ME!! :P

But then.. girls deserve to have their own fun and we guys must not interrupt while they are at it. Else, disssaasstterrr...

Must chup the same spot next time!

pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– Haha. I know! Free advertorial. =p

And yeah wei. We need to chup that table again. Damn good fengshui. *grin*

Chris said...

Is this the place which serves chicken wings every 20-30min? And juz b4 the wings are served, every1 would scramble and elbow their way to the prize? Sometimes, lines would form as patrons wait for seats which seemed to take forever.

If so, then i've been there b4 once like 4 yrs ago. The queuing bit for teh wingz is abit of a turn off, though its pweeetty yummy.

Holy sasterawan! maybe u coined a new term, 'bloga'. I think 'Blog' in malay is still 'Blog'. But wat is chup? Can it be brewed into a chuppa?

Melsong said...

Is it better than Ketam? We might be able to get somebody to go there if everyone gets to eat whatever they like.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– Yeah! It is! And yes, people shove and kill for those wings. Haha. But I don't line up for 'em. =p

And ya wei. I feel all sasterawan-ish. Haha. And hello, you never heard of Coca Cola's chup ah?! Amazing. Plus, kids always say chup when they're calling for a stop in games!

ATTN: Melsong
– Hmmm. I prefer Ketam's soup. But the guy here is soooo much nicer. *wink*

BenYong said...

Pam ah! You're making me miss the food at home ah! Too much ah!

Whaley Bear said...

It sounds like Steamboat Boi had you at HELLO, literally.....hahahaha!

lomantik said...

its 730 times... banging on the wall...

Perfecto Englando?
what? he had a British accent or what? lOl

i can't imagine Perfecto Englando leh...

pamsong said...

ATTN: BenYong
– Haha. Then come back lah! Then we go check out Steamboat Boi together. =p

ATTN: Whaley Bear
– Hahahahahaha. Well, he did have a very nice 'hello'. =p SHHHH! *blush*

ATTN: lomantik
– Haha. I figured that out this morning. =p

And no lah. He just speaks English with zero Chinese accent. Very nice. Very... calming. HAHA.

+ Suresh + said...

hello there..

wah the food looks so inviting..LOL..shall check it out.
hmmmm...good review on the eatery outlet..=..btw hows ur new year coming along??LOL

Spectre said...


Huai Bin said...

I love your segue in BM, pam. Adorable! :)

Baby said...

the famous food to grab is the honey chicken.. now you see? now you don't!

Lynn said...

Hi! I think I saw you that day =D
I was waiting outside the restaurant. You waited in a car rite?

*omg i sound like a stalker hahahah*

Kuntong said...

yea...i LOVE Yuen Steamboat also..XD

pamsong said...

ATTN: + Suresh +
– Hey there! Haha. Yeah, go check Yuen out. And thanks. I don't do food reviews much. Haha.

My new year? Rockin' so far. Hope yours has been good. =)

ATTN: Spectre
– Hahaha. It's all soup!!! How to skyrocket!? =p

ATTN: Huai Bin
– Haha. Somehow, I can't control when the Malay wishes to flow. =p

ATTN: Baby
– Haha. Yeah, I know! Crazy stuff!

ATTN: Lynn
– OMG! What a coincidence! Yeah, it was me. Haha. And yes, my friends and I waited in the car. Haha. Lazy to stand so long lah. Got good parking space, might as well lor. Haha. Which group of people were you with?

(Don't worry. When you tell the person you saw that you saw them, you're taken off the stalker list. =p)

ATTN: Kuntong
– Awesome! We should all plan some blogger thingy where all who love Yuen all go makan together. Haha.

RealGunners said...

at least u are penang lang and u go before, limpeh si KL lang and so far oni heard of its fehmes-ness, passed by but never go before..

mayb i should find a special eatery in penang that u never go before.. *hmm*

Lynn said...

Hahha I was with my mom and relatives. All girls group! =p

[e] said...

Hmm... the long post is just a cover up, I see. *with yoda accent*

I'm glad to see such an enthusiasm from you young lady. Looks like this Steamboat boy rest. will be the regular for you eh ;)

pamsong said...

ATTN: RealGunners
– Hahaha. You ah. Time to come back to KL more often. Haha.

And no way you'll find something GOOD that I haven't tried before. Or known of. Haha.

ATTN: Lynn
– Eh! Hmmm. Then it cannot be the group that was right in front of my car. Further to my right?

ATTN: [e]
– Hahaha. Awww, don't be green. I've featured you before, too. HAHAHA. And yes. Enthusiasm is important. I need pizazz! A zest for life! Rarr rarr!

And if I ever head over to Yuen's again, I'll be sure to try and steal a shot of him for you. =p

Michael Yong said...

Hi Pam, Yuen Buffet Steamboat has moved to 8G, Block A, Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS7/26 Kelana Jaya 47301 (behind Paradigm Mall).You can call 012-2998463 or 016-2086678 for reservation/enquiries. Check out their website http://www.yuenbuffetsteamboat.com.my/ and https://www.facebook.com/yuenbuffetsteamboat 

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