Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tiny Marks Of Little Devils

Remember how I said I got bitten by bed bugs while I was away on holiday at nice-and-cool-Salem-high-country Cameron Highlands? Well, I'm now back on the island where it's hot and humid (*groan* my goodness, no wonder I feel lazy) but my body still bears the marks of my holiday above sea level.

Took this picture the Sunday I woke up to find myself with the bites.
You see three here but there are six of 'em altogether. -_-

Now that the party's over and I'm back on solid ground,
I need to know: How do I get rid of these marks!?! ='(


yapthomas said...

Apply anti inflammatory medication!

pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– It'll take away the marks meh?

tim said...

it's not instant, but i told ya about vitamin e, remember?
tsk tsk tsk.

Chris said...

U can get rid of the marks INSTANTLY by using a marker pen to superimpose any calligraphy or tattoo/henna designs over it, ya know like star constellations (connect the dots, i mean marks, then walla, a Big Dipper, or butterflies.


Hmmm, firstly, ya had gone 1640m above sea level (Daring checked). Then, got bitten by nasty blood sucking mini-vampires and lived to tell the tale (Dangerous checked).

Whoa!!! It was all daring and dangerous!!!

Simon Seow said...

Use your saliva.

-yong may- said...

I get that too. It's weird I tell you. But... you sure it's bed bugs?

The last time I had "bites" around that area and I thought that was it.
Turns out, it was shingles = chicken pox virus.

Is it itchy?

pamsong said...

ATTN: tim
– EX!

ATTN: Chris
– You know what? You scare me sometimes. But... THE DARING AND DANGEROUS NEVER FLEE FROM FEAR! They FACE IT! Tene nene! Tene nene!

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Yuck. Plus, I can't possibly lick my own hip.

ATTN: -yong may-
– I'm not 100% sure it was bed bugs but... I no longer get them now that I'm back. So it's gotta be something in that bed I slept on.

And yes, it was crazy itchy. I still have light scars from it. Hope they go away. =(

Chris said...

waddaya mean, i scare u at times? like an enigma???

I dont know how should i feel about that, but i'll take it in stride, errr so I'm like James Bond or Austin Powers, part of the group of very dangerous men! Jeeperz...

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