Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Timing Sucks

Highway officials recommend that those from the North begin their journey South at 1PM. Lunch was at 2PM. The plan since last night was that I leave Penang by 3PM. It's now 4PM.




Chris said...

Does this mean arrival @ close to midnite?

U need to instill some Japanese etiquette, i.e. being punctual.

Adrian Lim said...

Whoa so fast...rush back to KL?...Anyhow, have a safe journey back to KL. ^_^ *Still in holiday mood*

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
- HAHA. Nope. Surprisingly, I arrived at 9PM. Heh. Awessum.

And ya lor. Everytime I travel up and down the North-South, guarantee sure late wan. Haha.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
- Ya lor. Crazy fast man this CNY break. So quickly 2 weeks gone already. Haih. Sad case. =( said...

u're just following the MTC. Malaysian Time Correction.. anything to do with time, u add a few hours into it. =p

Melsong said...

Pamsong's motto: Procrastinate...NOW!

pamsong said...

– Haha. Wow. You seem to know all about it! =p

ATTN: Melsong
– WEI!

Adrian Lim said...
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Adrian Lim said...

The word for you is RELOCATE! Then 365 days automatically become holidays for ya.....No more mad rush, no more pack-unpack hustles, no more jams and most of all amazing foods on the island.

Haha...Penang so fascinating! ^_^
Now I speak like tourist guide pulak =P Haha

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– No way! The traffic in Penang is worse! And there is absolutely no system up there. And no lah. Packing isn't such a hassle anymore. I'm quite used to it. Haha. Plus, I like highway scenery. WAKAKAKA.

Spectre said...

Open your own Pamsong agency then u can ctrl your timing because u are lao pang liang..... sound very old indeed ? XD ROFL

Adrian Lim said...

Haha...the traffic is bad during CNY onli lah...Cos too many cars from outstation mah (cars start with W and S number plates wan alot lar). These cars seem to be flooding the Gurney area...Sien nia...

Penang travelling distance is super short and trafic not as bad as what you see lar...No toll =No payment; see... Penang people very Gau kira wan...Haha!

KL traffic is quite systematic lar but it comes with a cost...Pay Pay Pay...Toll Toll Toll! No simple U turn like we do in Pg....Free summore....haha =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Spectre
– Haha. Talk like so easy. You sponsor ah?

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– You live near Gurney meh? And ya lah. So many cars all around. Crowding the place. Summore they not used to our one-way streets so always stop and decide before taking a turn. Sien.

And I think I rather pay tol than wait in traffic jam lor... And you're right. KL traffic has a system that everybody follows. Right lane is fast lane. In Penang? Right lane is motorbike lane. -_-

Adrian Lim said... live near air itam area mah... that area worst lar...everybody like crazy queeing up to go to the KLK temple during CNY. Dunno got wat to see also....

And Gurney is my usual hangout place for coffee la....wanna switch to QSBY & Egate liao cos not so congested.

Tried KL but didnt really like it cos travelling distance is really far and always get stuck at the Federal Highway. Got system but also congested like mad after 4pm.
Parking fees are insanely high in KL(can go up until 6/per hour).

But KL got most of the finest western restaurants in Malaysia....go try the San Francisco Steakhouse in KLCC. I tried it and its superb...Gonna make a trip to satisfy my craze again. And surprisingly there is no Burger King outlet in Pg....Haha =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Eee. I hate jams like that. And yeah. Dunno what they see also. No more snakes, tortoise all also die liao. Hmmm.

Wah, you travel until Gurney to yamcha ah? Your place not nearer eGate meh?

And in terms of KL... it really depends on which road you take on what day and at what time. I don't really have a problem and I use Federal nowadays. Last time when I was using NKVE and LDP also not a lot of bad jams except before public holidays like Merdeka and all that.

And ya lah. No need to talk about parking in KL. I think the place I used to park when I was working there is the cheapest already. RM3.50 whole day.

But oooo. I love the food here. I mean, Penang is nice for hawker and all that lah but here, ahhh. They have their own goodies. =p And I'm not a fan of Burger King so I don't quite worry if they're not around or even if they close down. Haha.

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