Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm All For Ice Cream

Last Sunday night, after a good/bad (I can't decide cos the food was great but the company was... uh, moving on) steamboat dinner in Kepong (no Steamboat Boi there – boo hoo), I collected the LG KF3501 Ice Cream phone (yeah, that's what it's called =p) I was supposed to do a review on.

My LG and I – before we got acquainted.

Wheee! So many excitedness!

I can't remember but I'm guessing I was probably
bouncing around from all the excitement. Haha.

See? Haha. Excitedness kau kau. That was me being all happy-happy-joy-joy after receiving the phone AND BEING SO NOT READY FOR PHOTOGRAPHY OF ANY SORT FROM ANY ANGLE. RAWR! *smacks YapThomas*

And the "hero" who passed me my Ice Cream?

Mr Nicholas Chay from Nuffnang KL.

Yes, I call him The Torturer.

Okay, let me tell you why.

After I completed the necessary hi-how-are-you-I-hope-you're-fine talk, I looked him in the eye and asked excitedly, "Eh, Nicholas! So what colour is the phone lah? What colour?!"

FYI, there are three colours available – vanilla: pure white, strawberry: sweet pink and pistachio: sweet blue. I already asked him online when we were discussing our COD-styled Sunday night meet-up. Ask so many times, he die die tak mau kata. Kept changing topic. -_- Cis.

Anyhoo, the bugger sllloooowwwly (no, I'm not exaggerating) opened the box – konon like he sket the box painful liddat *rolls eyes* – and held this up *points below* and said:

"Here, this is your installation CD..."

*insert cheesy-slash-borderline-sly Nicholas grin here*

Ish! So kanasai. I wanna know about the colour of the phone, he come and tell me about boring manuals and installation CDs. How typically male of him. *rolls eyes* Hmmph! *blink blink* But, no. Wait. That sly smile tells me otherwise. I smell a rat!

So, I asked again, "Eh, cummon... So, what colour? Tell lah! I hope it's white or pink lor. Please don't tell me it's some other colour."

And then he takes a deep breath and says:

"And this is your guarantee card.
Just fill it up and send it in.

Wah piang! I can skin this boy alive, wei!
Ask him one, he answer two. -_-'''

But nevermind...

I'm a nice girl. Or at least I try to be.
So... what to do? Ask again. With a smile.
"Wei... Nicholas ahhh. What colour laaa?"

And he goes, "And... this is your phone."

SUCCESS! *beams* Finally.

So, here it is, guys. The very-sweet,
very-girlie phone, courtesy of LG – tada!

AARGGGHH!!! I like!

I'm not particularly a pink person but ohmygoodness, this phone looks so delish in pink I almost peed my pants when I saw it. Haha.

Oh oh! And this is what I like. Before I got the phone up and running, I took some time to check out the tiny, little freebie that came with it – an ice cream handphone strap. Haha. It is the kiut-nessss! Looks like chocolate mint ice cream on a cone to me. =p

I love the "DON'T EAT" message.

This is what the phone looks like with it. =)

Chun-ted. Thing is, it's so pretty I don't think I'll ever have the heart to use it. It'll get so black and dirty swinging from my phone that my heart'll break into a hundred million pieces. ='( Can't let that happen. No, no. I'll use the handphone strap elsewhere. Some place that won't see the chocolate mint turning into just chocolate ice cream. Haha.

Okay, enough small talk.

I've inserted the battery.

Time to get the phone powered up
and running with a good first charge.

I hadn't yet set the date or turned on the phone when
hat screen came on cos I plugged the phone in for charging.

This next view of the phone in charge took me
by surprise and got me smiling to myself. =p

Glow glow wan!!! Haha.

But more about the phone and its features later. I'll need some time to mess with it first. Try it out and see what this pink strawberry can do. Haha. So if cannot talk about the phone, that means that there's only one other thing to do with it – CAMWHORE!

You knew that had to come sooner or later, right?


This is so the kawaii phone lah. Haha. It's getting me itching for some hand action and face pulling. =p Maybe I should revisit my bimbo wannabe days while I do this review. It could turn out to be heaps of fun. Hmmm. Now, there's a thought!

Anyhoo... keep an eye out for the LG KF350 Ice Cream review that'll be coming up lah, okay? My favourite part of a phone to test is its camera. (Narcissism rules. And if anything, at least I've got the guts to admit it.) Ahhh, gives me the perfect excuse to bring out them rusty kawaii moves. Stay tuned!


Simon Seow said...

Wah, your second last picture, you're so beautiful. So, beautiful can die wei. LoL. Long time didn't say that.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Awww... So sweet of you. *blush*

Jeffro said...

I must say... I totally agree with Simon on this..

Someone looking like a superstar.. =D

Now, Can i borrow the phone? =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Jeffro
– Hahaha. Awww. That's nice of you, Jeffro.

And, uh, I'mma gonna focus on basking in the compliment and pretend you didn't ask me that last question. Hahahaha.

Melsong said...

So what's going to happen to the other phonesss?

choco said...



yapthomas said...

Kena pulak...
It's call "skill" okay!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Melsong
– Uh... Still in action. =p

ATTN: choco
– HAHAHA. Awww. But ice cream's SWEEET!!! =p

ATTN: yapthomas
– Pfft. Don't get me started on skillzzzzzzz.

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