Thursday, March 22, 2007


I happened to decide to check my Technorati status just minutes ago and found that Tinki Talks was linked to a blog I didn't recognize. Hmmm. Curious, I clicked on the link to find out who the mystery blogger was. I didn't know then that I was in for a pleasant surprise.

You see, I haven't been there for ages but I'm jumping for joy now because I'm still classified as a City Harvest Blogger! Woo hoo! Look! Look!

Aww. Isn't that sweet?

The link is to THIS version of Tinki Talks and not TOTT summore. Happening. I didn't even know that the fella read my posts! Tersentuh pula hati I. Haha.

But only the three of us?
I'm scared.


Worry not.
Your heading will be accurate.
I'll be back there in no time!


® Đęņŝ ® said...

hey't expect that coming...hahaha

anyway, i link your blog coz i like to read your craps...
i kinda feel entertained while reading your
keep it up

pamsong said...

Haha. Thanks, man. Keep reading. Haha. More crap to come. =p

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