Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Weird

Oh. My. Goodness.


Yeah, you read it right – pamsong. Heh. You see, I couldn't decide whether this was a Tinki occasion or a Dark Queen one, so I decided that pamsong was to be the flavour of the day. Don't argue with me.

So here I am, being me for once.

Hi, guys. Nice to meet you. =)

This isn't the first time I've been tagged but it's gonna be the first time I'm actually responding to a tag with a post. I usually don't bother. It's nothing personal. I just happen to be Empress of Close-One-Eye Land. Haha. But this time was different. I was personally informed of the tag by a Missy from Down South. Jeng. Cannot close eye di. =p

So, Missy (you know who you are)… Feel. Honoured.

*takes deep breath*

Here we go.


1. I'm overly picky with my food. I apparently pick everything out of my food. It's really an exaggeration but that's the way "The Others" put it. It's not true, though. I don't pick everything out of my food, I just pick some things out of my food. *big fat juicy grin* Sigh. Okay, fine. I pick most things out of my food. Happy? *snort* Garlic, out! Ginger, out! Onions, out! Tomatoes, out! Pickles out! Pepper, out! Salt, in! Heh. Never touch my salt. Just.Leave.My.Salt.Alone. I only eat "water-less" vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Hong Kong kailan and, uh… broccoli. Cabbages are "water-less" vegetables, lettuces are not. And I never eat taugeh when it serves as an add-on to the main dish. I only eat it if it's fried solo. Only chicken breast meat for me, thank you very much.

2. I alter everything. Keyword: Change. *frowns* No no, wait. Keyword: Me. *smiles* Yeah, that's more like it. I can't leave my clothes as they are and I end up altering most of them to my liking. I get them to look and feel just the way I want them to. Only then do they become my clothes in my style according to my body in my cut. I change widths and lengths, and I cut and I sew. Actually, I blame the ridiculous angmor sizes they try to sell us tiny Asians. Bodoh mia. Tapi last time, I also bodoh a bit. There was a time I did it on my own. And then I found this fantastic lady to do the dirty work for me for a fair sum. Thank God for her. I think I'm her best customer and I have reason to believe that I am. She gave me a red packet this year. And she's not married. Hah! Beat that.

3. I talk to cars, people in cars and people outside my car, who can't hear me. "Move la!" "Signal – can or not?!" "Cross road cross properly la!" But I've realized that I don't do it out of anger, though. Very rarely la. It's usually just… uh, conversation with the masses. HAHA. Yeah. I talk to people who can't hear me and objects that don't respond to me. It's not easy but I've mastered the art. Yes yes, I rock. Now, stop clapping.

4. I have a cinema bag. Ooo. This well-equipped bag simply completes the movie-going experience. It holds my cinema pillow (yes, I have a cinema pillow), my blanket/jacket and my water tumbler – sacred essentials when paying to stare at the big screen for 2 hours or so. It's grown to be very precious to me. We've come to be very close over the past couple of years. It's seen me through many movies – good ones, not-so-good ones, bad ones, happy ones, sad ones, romantic ones, funny ones, scary ones, lame ones – the works. Yeah. We're close. And due to its dedication and excellent service over the years, I may upgrade it to being my full-time cinema bag. Specialization so rulez. Touch the bag and I'll kill you. I promise you I will.

5. I never fall asleep with my ears exposed. I don't know why. All you'll see of me is a part of my face. Probably the width of a tennis ball or something. Haha. Just enough for there to be sufficient airflow and for me not to die of suffocation. It started when I was a kid. I'm guessing it's cos I had a bad experience with some beetle making my ear its home for a night way back when I was much younger. Anyway, the rule is to cover, cover, cover!


Do I really need SIX weird things? Won't five do?
See, this only proves that I'm not a weirdo.
I'm normal. I'm waaaay beyond normal.
Heck, I am normal personified.


*thinking thinking*

Wait a minute, I GOT IT!

6. I am obsessed with having my own kid. Unless you're a kid yourself, you can never be too young to want a kid. I'm no kid. I want a kid. Give me a kid. NOW. *blink blink* Sigh. This is really getting old. Nobody's doing what I tell them to do. They're all keeping their kids to themselves. Tom and Katie sure need lessons on kid-sharing. Hmmph. Selfish buggers. *grumble grumble grumble* I wonder if I can get mine on eBay. *click click* Brad and Angelina should have tried the Internet.

See, how could I have not thought about that point just now?


But now, it's baby blues galore thanks to the absence
of any kind of baby in my life. Bleh. So no fun.

Oh wait! I have another!

7. I have bad Birdophobia. Ornithophobia, they call it. You really can't blame me for it, though. It's almost like they held an AGM and named me "The Chosen One" who gets the honour of being bombed on all the time. Fed up. Like I'm walking around with a bullseye on the top of my head, man. Sigh. I wish they'd all just die and leave me to live in peace. And they're not to drop all over like hailstones but like, maybe disappear or something when they die, you know? Oh, and I'm starting to think that I have Tagophobia, too.

*blink blink*

Whoa. I ended up coming up with SEVEN weird things.
Hmmm. Looks like I am weird after all. I blame Missy.


gracielau said...

so who're the 6 ppl YOU tag? that's part of the tag!

zecount said...

hahahaha i so do number three all the time ...i always say that driving on the road in malaysia can lead to hypertension hahaha stress kau kau

pamsong said...

ATTN: gracelau
– Whoopsie. Do I have to? But whyyyy?

ATTN: Zecount
– Haha. Well, I don't do it out of stress. I don't know why I do it actually. Haha. I just say it for the sake of saying it. HAHA. Weird huh? Okay la. Just cos I have to... Tag you! Go do.

littlewoozie said...

You want a baby? Sure or not? I also thought babies very easy work.. I have MUCH experience some more.. now I... (don't dare say regret..) but I would think twice! Come down Singapore and babysit Sophie la!!!!!
I'll be so happy...
PS. You know who I am, right?

pamsong said...

Whoa! Lookie lookie who decided to pop by! Well, hello there! Haha. Cools! Now I have another family member who reads my blog. Have to be careful not to bad mouth the relatives though. HAHA. Nah, relax. People I'm talking about are always kept anonymous. =)

Yeah, I want a baby. Haha. But a bit hard considering my marital status is a sad sad "Single". How ah? Can lend Sophie to me? Just for a couple of days. I promise not to treat her like Britney treats Sean Preston. Deal?

Jo-no said...

FINE, Ill give ya a baby. When does rehearsal starts ?

pamsong said...

Whoaaa. Slow down, boy. You want your butt kicked? Not by me... as yet. Logistical problems. But I've got "connections" in Australia. Don't forget.

p/s: You didn't make it past the preliminary auditions. *grin*

Rarr. Bite bite.

Jo-no said...


Jo-no said...

you really have to hammer all remarks down huh...your ego might just be as big as mine

Jo-no said...

now now, dont start! haha

zecount said...

wa lau like that also can ah ... i very normal one woh ... not much weird stuff one woh

and not becos of stress or for the sake of saying .. more like scolding inconsiderate ppl on the road ...mmm ..ya that's it ...some ppl just have a brain but dunno how to use it

zecount said...

1. Friends call me the "Black hole" or "bottomless pit" cos i can eat n eat n eat despite my size n also just about anything ... well now got drop a bit dy hahha..but still shock some ppl ..ask jacob he'll tell u all about it

2. well i kinda like exotic foods...currently i have eaten squirrels,labi-labi, crocodile, shark (not shark fin ok), iguana, wild boar, ostrich, turtle egg, wild cat..think that's all gua...

cannot think oh of others at the moment

pamsong said...

ATTN: Jono
– My ego? What ego? *snicker* Finally found a worthy contestant, eh? And in a girl no less. Woo hoo hoo. Please don't piss your pants. I'll go easy on ya. =p

ATTN: Zecount
– Eh, uncle. You're supposed to do it on your blog la. Sheesh. Ke-blur-an.

ming said...

I am sure you can list out more than that!! If not I can help you to list a few...=p

pamsong said...

Haha. You know that Leon's weird huh? Haha. Come on. Start listing. I wanna read. HAHA.

ming said...

I mean you! I can list ou more weird things bout you... not Leon..=p

zecount said...

hahahaha ..see i'm pretty normal what hahaha i have to put it in my blog...oh ...malas leh

Jo-no said...

nah, like I say, and I say it again. Its like a rape victim wanting to reclaim power or some control for the aftermath....


pamsong said...

ATTN: Ming
– Haha. You wanna list out more weird things about me? Wei, you want people to think I'm a freak ah? Haha. But don't worry. There's a new post coming up. Keep your eye out for that one. *snicker*

ATTN: Zecount
– YOU!? Normal!? No way! You forgot the word "not". Ya la. Haiyo. Do it in your blog. That's what a tag is for okay!!! Ask gracielau. HAHA.

ATTN: Jo-no
– Rape victim? Who? You? Since when!? Oh, you poor boy. It's them gay guys you wrote about on your blog innit? *GRIN*

Jo-no said...

now you just sound like a kindy girl quarelling

pamsong said...

Ahhh. I always always knew deep down inside that I'm young at heart. Unlike yourself. You talk like an old uncle sometimes la wei.

I shall do the kiddie dance now. Join me. You know you wanna. Just don't go breaking any bones while you're at it.

zecount said...

i dah write liao lah

pamsong said...

Really!? I go in and seeee! I can't believe I've been lagging. Darn.

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