Sunday, August 07, 2011

London-Cambridge-London-Paris-London, July '11: Heathrow, Terminal 3 And Beyond!

Arrived in London 13-and-a-half hours later,
looking like hell after the worst flight ever.

First picture in London.

Dehydrated skin, puffy eyes, cracked lips – so not a lovely sight on the first day of our honeymoon. Sigh. But too bad! He married me! Too late to turn back now! HAHAHAHA. Wth. Anyway, you can't see it in that pixelised picture but, unlike myself, The Husband arrived looking all rosy, refreshed and radiant from his 13-hour nap on-board flight SQ322. Kanasai. >(

Baggage claim area.

We didn't check in any bags – all carry-on – so we bypassed this section of the airport and zoomed straight toward our first destination in London – TANDAS!

Toilets in Heathrow, Terminal 3.

I was quite surprised that for a first-world country, the toilets in London weren't as clean as the ones found in Australia or Singapore. I mean, still better than public toilets Malaysia lah, of course. But really nothing to shout about. More or less like Malaysian 4-star hotel toilet standard. The Gardens' RM5 toilet also cleaner. Cheh. Disappointing nia.

Next destination? Our hotel. That was 30km away. Instead of calling a cab, we decided to save money and take the London Underground instead! So... down to the underground we went with our two luggage bags!

Ramp to the underground.

It was really, really early in the morning at the time (we landed at 5.55AM London time) so there was hardly anyone about. Not even at the usually-busy London Underground so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves all morning.

First sight of the London Underground.

Customary touristy I-was-there! shot.

From across the tracks. Am loving the old walls.

The train arrived in mere minutes so before we knew it, we were aboard the famed and reliable train of London that snaked the undergrounds of London like the catacombs I read about in Enid Blyton's Famous Five books. =)

Inside the train.

Travelled by train all the way to Russell Square Station at Bloomsbury – the nearest underground station to our hotel – the Hilton London Euston hotel.

Entrance to Russell Square Station.

According to some, this picture I captured of Russell Square Station with hardly any people is a rare sight considering the underground is usually busy all day. And night. Haha. But hey, what would you expect at 6-something in the morning during the Summer hols? =p

Signage outside Russell Square Station with a map.

Speed-walked the 8 minutes to our hotel at Upper Woburn Place in the surprisingly cold Summer morning breeze then proceeded to pitifully ask the receptionist for an early check-in. Haha. Have to lah. Our check-in time was not till 3PM! That's a whole 5+ hours away after an even longer journey! I will pengsan right in their lobby, I tell you. Checking us in early was for their own good. =p

p/s: Pictures of our room in the next post.

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- nithya - said...

Cummon! You pixelised his face? So mean.:p And 13 hours is not a nap, it's 2 days worth of sleep! I also couldn't sleep on my way over there. Damn cold right?!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: - nithya -
– HAHAHAHA. What to do??? Some ppl wanna be anonymous! Hush hush! Privatised! No choice lor. He gets squares on his face instead of eyes, nose and a mouth.

And yaaaa!! Cold as hell! Couldn't take it, man. And it didn't help that that kid from hell was sitting next to me throwing me kicks and punches throughout the 13-hour flight. >(

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