Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bang Bang

Men who cheat ought to be shot.

They don't know what they do to the women they go to bed with at night. The woman they only pretend to love. In my observation, the cheater's heart is incapable of true love. Because when you cheat, you don't love. There's no love in breaking the heart of the one who calls their heart yours. There's no love in scrubbing your tattooed name off their bloodied skin... and battered hearts.

Funny thing is how these cheaters believe that they're far better at the Love Game than the rest of us. They believe that they're capable of loving TWO people at one time and all of us who love just ONE person each are mere wannabe players who just can't keep up with the demands of the game. Their lifestyles shout this lie and it's a lie they tell themselves. Stupidly enough, they actually believe it. But, even more stupidly, they believe it alone.


Cos the rest of us loyal one-woman-man-one-man-woman people know that they're the idiots running on that artificial endorphin high... not us. We're the ones who will eventually come to have happy families, with children running on a lawn, playing frisbees with the family pet. We're the ones who will end up walking the park with someone dear when we're all wrinkled and grey. We're the ones who will be able to say that we've had Love in Life when we're 80.

They're the ones who will die with hundreds and hundreds of tattooed names on their bums and nobody to visit their grave sites. They're the ones who will live to a hundred (do people still live to a hundred these days?) without having ever really understanding the meaning of love. Without really experiencing the highs of being in love. And that high, my friends, is worth every fling and stray make-out session possibly known to man.

Come on, what's the loss of a few scattered kisses
when you get to keep a pair of good lips for life?

Yes, I say shoot the cheat.


Sarah Mei Ann said...

May lightening strike the bums of those who cheat not once, not twice.. but a zillion times!

pamsong said...

Preach it, sista!

adrian said...

Hokkien says this:
"Mai lang; mai lan-lang"
= "Dunwan people, dun play people"

Leon said...

What about women who cheats?

I know the numbers MIGHT be less than the men, but cheating happens to both sides of the gender.

Why are you targetting specifically men?

Can we shoot women who cheats too?

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Yep, the Hokkiens know it well, man. Good for them. Others need to learn.

ATTN: leon
– Go ahead. You have my permission to shoot on sight.

See? I so fair. Hmmph.

Leon said...

Why do women cheat?

estherlauderlyn said...

how'd she know?? she's not the cheating kind! sheesh. I SAY SHOOT EM

pamsong said...

ATTN: Leon

I'm GUESSING the same reasons men cheat. Cos they're slime. Cos they're insecure. Cos they've got flimsy self esteem. Cos they're totally warped in the head. Cos they're too gutless to leave a wrong relationship. Cos they're brainless enough to enter a wrong relationship while having someone else. Cos they're people with no principles, morals or values. Cos they like side dishes and are going round conveyor belts looking to be shot, maybe?


ATTN: estherlauderlyn
– You said it, babe. BANG BANG!

adrian said...

Most associated man to be the stronger side compared to woman in term of physical...Thats obvious; however many failed to realise that man is just as vulnerable as woman when his heart is in play. Unlike woman, man will usually sobs in private and tears run down man's cheek when no one is around...

And about bang-bang...I will say there is no point to shoot the cheater. Bullets are expensive you know! =P

So just walk away and find a deserving partner that will appreciates better. =)

yunny said...

well said.. hehe... those who cheat not only deserve being strile by ligthning.. in my mind, they must be buried alive bwahahaha...

Leon said...

I am against hurting your loved ones in any way at all... no ifs, buts and whens about it. When you hurt someone you love, it's just wrong.

But I am also for freedom of speech and action. Totally. So I always say that one can do anything he / she wants. It's what we call liberty. One's own basic human rights. So if somebody wants to cheat, who are we to tell him / her no?

Before you start critisizing me, allow me to share with you guys that it's actually my own better half that I most often stress this point to: Do what your heart desires. Live free. Live to the fullest. No restrictions. If it's gonna hurt me, then don't let me find out about it.

So no, I am not going to shoot anybody. It's wrong to cheat, but I, we or anybody else except yourself is in no position to tell you that.

(but I will send the bastard that cheats with my gf / partner / wife to the hospital ... and that, is my right)

pamsong said...

Am trigger happy at the mo. Will be back to comment when fingers free up.

pamsong said...

You know what? I thought about it. I'm gonna write a post on this. Wait till my response comes.

Leon said...

You might wanna read my latest post first before you fire up yours.

I bet it'll give you much more stuff to write about :)


pamsong said...

Okay, not only are you a MCP, you've really got some bucking-up to do when it comes to your English. Tsk tsk. Shame on YOU.

Wait lah. Some people actually have WORK to do okay. We don't come to the office to laze around. We actually write intelligent stuff and not chauvinistic or politically skewed posts like you so frequently do. *grin*

You wait lah.

adrian said...

Leon: Hey Buddy! Relaxla....Send the man to the hospital but spare the lady la. Physically hurting the woman that you love will eventually deepens your hurts even if she has wronged you. I always believe that those who play with 'fire' will eventually consume by the 'fire'!

Pam: Now you nasty and revengeful a guy can be when he is cheated....hahaha =)

pamsong said...

Yes, I see how nasty and revengeful a guy can get. But at the same time, I don't think that those moves are very wise of him. I'll explain it in my post. I haven't started writing but today I'm pretty free so I'll do it.

Coming soon....

Leon said...

Yes, I must apologise for my grammar.. was trying to type too fast and also years of manglish have killed off any proper english which I might still have in me..

pamsong said...

Haha. I hope you're enjoying my latest post. =p

Jo-no said...

its not a man/woman problem. Its a human problem. Sin. Lust. Greed. Hornyness. Whatever it may be, it's a human thing.
Nuff' said.

pamsong said...

Well, DUH. Leon lah yang terasa himself. Ish.

Anonymous said...

so I've been with a cheating woman, we broke up - society automatically assumes it's my fault, bloggers always thinks it's the man who cheats; cause when a woman cheats there's a good reason behind it (so it seems) and when a man cheats it's because he can't control his guns ....

something is so wrong there. and yes, woman cheats... and unlike woman (who can get physical - usually), men are expected just sit there and preach grace.

pamsong said...

Hey Anonymous,

Ouch. I feel your pain. As though it isn't enough to have your feelings (and pride) trampled upon when a partner strays, you're also faced with the world against you. It's unfair, really. So I guess I have to say that it really sucks to be you. But life's such, eh? We get over things and we move on.

Thing is, your problem is that the odds are against you. Men are always assumed the cheater in the relationship should it end because of that vice. But can you really blame the world for saying that about your gender? You have to admit that MOST cheats are men. Most. Not all.

I know my fair share of female friends who cheat on their partners, too. And sure, maybe only a handful of them physically cheat on their partners. (Men tend to cheat this way more than women.) But a LOT of women cheat on their partners emotionally. That doesn't make them any better. Emotional cheating is cheating anyways.

But then again, emotional connection is a lot less frequently at hand than physical attraction. (Come on, you have to admit that.) Hence, it makes it EASIER for a man to cheat on his woman. Perhaps not because he wants to. But perhaps cos he just doesn't stand up against his temptations.

Hmmm. I agree with you when it comes to men having to preach grace. But then again, I blame the odds against you. Nothing more. If you show that you are innocent and KEEP that innocence by not biting back and bitching about your cheating woman, people will see the truth in the end. Nobody can hide anything forever.

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