Monday, March 06, 2017

JZ's 4yo Logic

Was at the grocery store with JZ today when he sighted a rack of Kinder Eggs from a distance away. Uh oh. That's it lah. Well, I wasn't in the mood to resist his whining today so I gave in rather quickly. Like in-2-seconds kind of quickly. And because I also wasn't in the mood for any whining later either, I asked him to grab one for JJ, too. #oneofthosedays

When we finally got to the payment counter, I said...

Pam Song: *impatiently* Quickly choose one. The other one is Didi's.

JZ Picks both up. Shakes them. Thinks. 

Pam Song: Quickly quickly. Can know meh what is inside just by shaking it. 

JZ: *matter-of-factly* The loudest is the biggest. *passes the other one to me*

I didn't think of that. Good logic, Son!


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