Monday, March 20, 2017

JJ's New Word: Transparent

The anti-inflammatory eyedrops I've been using post-lasik are white. Which is half scary, half weird, and 100% wth. I really don't know why they've made it so. Why not just keep it transparent? Or at least opaque? Why must be like 110% white kind of white??? 🤔 See!

Dare not show super close up lest I freak you out. Haha.

I look like a walking freak-show
every time I apply it la. 😑

Thankfully, it doesn't scare my kids though. I thought it would but it doesn't. JJ couldn't be bothered at all, and it just makes JZ a little concerned and curious but nope, no fear whatsoever. Phew! 

Anyhoo, although JJ's vocabulary is pretty wide for a 2.5yo kid (shameless brag 😝) he still has lots of room to grow and much to learn. I had this conversation with him today...

Pam Song: What colour are Mommy's tears? 

JJ: Uh... Black!

Pam Song: Ha??? Black!? Look again! 

JJ: Uh... White?

Pam Song: Yes! So weird, right? What colour are your tears? 

JJ: White! 

Pam Song: No, they're transparent! Trans-pa-rent!

JJ: Tans-pear-enn.

Pam Song: Yes. My tears are white now but yours are? Trans...?

JJ: ...former. 😁

Pam Song: 😳😂😅

New words – the struggle is real... for a 2yo. 😄


Clark said...

Hey! When and where you got your lasik procedure done?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Clark
– I went with Dr Aloysious at Vista, The Curve. Did it just 2 weeks ago!

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