Monday, December 31, 2012

The Price Of Old Christmas Wrappers

Had no choice this year but to use some old Christmas wrappers I'd accumulated and saved over the last decade cos I couldn't go shopping for new ones to help Mama wrap her Christmas gifts for the family. (Was still in confinement at the time ma. How to go shopping?) Ended up saving us some time and money... but paying the ultimate price:


All over my hands, palms, wrists, arms, neck, waist, joints... and don't even get me started on my confined behind. OMG, the itch! All through the night and then some! I only managed to get a little relief  – just a wee bit – 18 hours later, after a visit to the hospital and popping a Gynae-approved, breast-feeding-friendly antihistamine before my son's Full Moon dinner on Christmas Eve '12. Ugh. Suffer sial. Doubt I'll be touching those Christmas wrappers ever again. >(

...unless I forget come Christmas next year and
go digging through my decade-old wrapper stash. Again.




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