Saturday, December 22, 2012

Failed Santa

You guys know how much I love Christmas, right? Well, this year, with the baby on hand, Christmas seems to be the least of my priorities. To be honest though, I really should have (could have?) been more prepared. I mean, it's not like I didn't know a baby was on the way, right? Haha.

But seriously lah. I really thought I would have (should have had!) more time to shop for gifts. Unfortunately, before I knew it, I was put on bed rest 30 weeks into my pregnancy and, with that, went my Christmas shopping plan. Straight out the window. -_-'''

Therefore, I confess that I
am incompetently organised on the
gift-giving front this Christmas.


That was all I managed to get before I got
shipped back to Penang, and strapped to the bed. :-/

So... urm, dear friends and loved ones...

Anybody care for love and peace
in place of gifts this year? =p


Lissa said...

I could do with summa that. Thanks. :)

On the other hand, there's always donations on their behalf. ;)

Boon Ong said...

Cheers, Pam.

This is the motherhood stage, a lot of things are worth sacrificing. In no time, you will enjoy buying it with your lil one. Ha!! Just like my two lil monster...

One is at home.. another in hospital. =(

Melsong said...

You have given me the best Christmas present ever...a grandson!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
- Ooo, yes yes! I saw your donation post on FB! And love and peace I wish for you this Christmas until the next! =)

ATTN: Boon Ong
- Gosh, in hospital??? How come?! Out already or not? So sorry to hear that, Boon.

ATTN: Melsong
- Hahaha. Yay!

Boon Ong said...

Pam - Clar was admitted yesterday due to coughing, which led to bronchitis. Kinda run in our family line, my elder had this before.

Clar also have fungus infection in her internal lips which irritate her pte part as well (turned red). This is due to fungus been flushed down after she drank some water, and thats why it was red.

Suspecting her eating habit... she is way too greedy. =P

She is now resting at home (finally)

Lissa said...

Thanks, babe. Much love. <3 :)

Zhen Ying said...

I need those instead of presents!!!!!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
- A person like you would already be blessed with tonnes of those!

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