Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hi, people of the Internet! Today, you get to see my face cos I finally had my second bath since the night of 24 November 2012 (Saturday). HAHA. -_- That's right. I've just had a measley TWO hair washes in the last NINETEEN days.



Trust me, I don't know how I survived the last 2-and-a-half weeks of bad hygiene. Me! The girl who has washed her hair every single day since she could remember. OMGGGG... Can die sleeping with dirty hair la. I dare not even put my face on my own pillow. I'm surprised The Husband is even willing to give me a hug before bedtime every night. (I'm shorter so my head is right under his nose. HAHAHA.)

Anyway, here's what went down. I had my first real bath a little over 10 days post-delivery. That would be, like, 11 freaking days since I last washed my hair the night before I went into labour, okayyy. Phooo! Those were the longest 11 days of my life, man. No kidding. I started wondering if I had lice.

And you think what? When I get to bathe, you think I get to wash my hair under running water in a nice shower stall or have a luxurious bath in a fancy tub and use Geranium Leaf Body Scrub ah? Hell, no. I'd be shot. The rule is NO running water and NO taking your time!! Only black, boiled flower water and you go into the shower and out chop chop!

But beggars can't be choosers la. Any water is better than no water. And a super quick black-water bath is better than no bath at all. Haha. #desperate

Truth be told, this week has been easier to deal with than the first 10 days. At least I've just been at home these past 10 days. Imagine my hair back then! Went through a super sweaty, 27-hour labour and delivery... Lasted 10 days... And I made the mistake of trying dry shampoo on Day 8 which totally made my scalp itch like hell and flake like shit after. T_______T Regret kau-kau.

Anyway, I'm clean now so I thought I'd pop by
to say a quick 'hello' since it's been awhile. =)

Oh, shaits. Baby just started crying. I gotta run. Milk-maid time! Bottom line is this: Confinement had better be worth it, mannnn. I'd better be damn healthy, freaking strong and have powers like Super Woman after this. RAWR!


Chun Leung said...


Boon Ong said...

Time passes so fast and now...

Welcome to another world, Pam.

Do take good care of your back as well. Cheers.

Felicia Boo said...

Welcome to Motherhood and a world of sleepless nights, never ending poo and much more...hehehe

ms.bulat said...

haha! Supermom!
But why is the water black? and I sure die if I can't wash my hair also T_T

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chun Leung
– Haha. Make that SUPER like. =p

ATTN: Boon Ong
– Indeed time flies. Whole new era, eh? And OMG, my back is ready to break. -_-'''

ATTN: Felicia Boo
– HAHAHAHA. No kidding about the "much more" part!

ATTN: ms.bulat
- Supermom? More like super eyebags! Hahaha.

The water is black cos it's some boiled herb water. My towels are a sore sight. =( And ya mannnn... I'm so glad confinement is coming to an end soon and I can use the shower again.

Boon Ong said...

Pam - you must always rem to take care of your back! This is very important.

In future, if you feel aching on the back, do go for tui na no matter what. For your own good.

If you ever going to sneeze, rem to sit down and do it. Im sure u understand what I am trying to say. Cheers.


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