Monday, May 01, 2017

JZ & JJ's Favourite Part Of A Day Out

Was very happening today. Brought the kids to a kiddie gym with some friends in the morning, had a long lunch with them at a Chinese restaurant, then zoomed off to Starling Mall on our own thereafter to catch an afternoon movie. Yup, that's 2 malls in 1 day. #achievementunlocked

We went all the way there cos we wanted to try MBO's new Kecil Hall. They were screening Smurfs  – something the kids haven't watched before – but unfortunately, tickets were fully sold out. We ended up watching The Boss Baby instead. I loved it! We've actually Popcorn Time-d it for the kids a couple of times over lunches at home but I've never actually sat through the whole movie myself.

The Husband came to join us for dinner at Uptown after the movie. (He did his guy thing today and went looking for an electric guitar to buy with a new friend from church.) It felt like we hadn't seen him all weekend since he started getting more involved in church. This was his attempt to connect with the kids over dinner.

The Husband: *asks JZ* Did you have fun?

JZ: Yes. 

The Husband: What was your favourite part of the day? 

JZ: *thinking hard 🤔* The movie. 

The Husband: *turns to JJ* JJ, what was your favourite part of the day? 

JJ: *says distractedly while playing on the phone* Eating. 


Say wha-??

We thought we heard him wrongly so
The Husband asked again. And this time... 

JJ: *loudly plus some irritation* EATING!


Hahahahaha. This boy cracks me up!


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