Monday, May 01, 2017

God Hears The Simple Stories Children Tell

Our cell host, Adrian, always prays before he finds parking. And I promise you, he always, always gets good parking because of it! Like at-the-doorstep kind of parking, okay. No kidding!

So while at the recently-opened Starling Mall last night, I asked JZ to pray for God to give us a good parking space. We needed all the supernatural help we could get considering it was a Sunday night on Labour Day weekend. 

Here's how it went...

JZ: Dear Jesus... Please give us a parking space... And let us park the car.

The Husband: And then? What must you say after that? 

JZ: *unsure* Thank you? 🤔

Pam Song: Yes... And then? How do you end the prayer? 

JZ: *without hesitation* The end. 


ROFL!!! I almost died and went to heaven laughing.
Hahahaha. Kids, kids... I hope God enjoyed that story. 

Either way, He definitely heard this child's earnest and simple prayer cos we DID get a good parking space just 3 lots away from the escalator up! God is good! 


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