Friday, February 22, 2013

Too Cute

Did you guys (without kids) know that baby diapers are like, the cutest things ever?? They all come with pretty designs and cute patterns! I buy MamyPoko for my son so all his diapers come in adorable Winnie The Pooh designs. Haha.

MamyPoko, Size S designs.

MamyPoko, Size M designs.

I changed him from S to M earlier this week after he exploded out of his diapers more times than I'd like to clean (-_-''') so I could compare the two. I just wished I thought of doing this earlier and bothered to take pictures of MamyPoko, Newborn Size during my confinement. Size M designs are waaay nicer than Size S designs, IMHO. But I can't for the life of me remember what the Newborn designs were like already. Haha. Oh, but the cutest part is this:

Winnie The Pooh actually
grows up with your baby!

Winnie The Pooh in Size S.

Winnie The Pooh in Size M.

ARGH! Cuteness overload!! =D =D =D


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