Monday, February 18, 2013

12 Things I Learned From My Confinement Lady

Here are some things I learned about "doing confinement right" from my very knowledgeable and very experienced confinement lady. Cos, hey. If you're going to do it at all, you might as well do it right. Right? Right. So... here we go!

1. NEVER EVER drink standing up. The water will go straight from your mouth, through your body, right down to your pee-pee and you'll end up with incontinence in the future.

2. NEVER EVER drink water; especially if it's not boiled. You'll end up bloated and fat around the tummy. And it will be PERMANENT.

3. NEVER EVER touch un-boiled water. The air that's trapped in the water will enter your body through your pores and you'll end up with aches and pains all over.

4. NEVER EVER cry. You'll go blind. @_@

5. NEVER EVER go outdoors at night. The cool night air and the moisture in it will enter your body.

6. NEVER EVER get caught in the rain; not even a drizzle! If rain water so much as touches your skin, you'll get leprosy. @_@ Drama sial.

7. NEVER EVER fall sick or catch the flu. Your immunity will be shot and you'll always fall sick from then on.

8. NEVER EVER feel hungry. 6 meals a day is ideal. Have breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. Go hungry at any time and wind will enter your system.

9. ALWAYS eat fresh food. Any food left overnight is considered "bad" already. Even if it's just uncooked meats left frozen or refrigerated, only to be cooked the next day. Fresh is best! 

10. ALWAYS lie down whenever possible. Even sitting up in bed is not advisable. You'll end up with backaches in the long run.

11. ALWAYS keep your socks on. Your feet absorbs the coolness of the environment through the ground. So even if you've got parquet flooring at home, make sure your toes are bundled up nice and good. Make doubly sure to do so if you've got marble or tile flooring.

12. THE FIRST 10 DAYS are the most important. Even if you hate eating ginger or can't stand your hair not being washed, just make sure you keep it up for at least the first 10 days. Then you can semi slack off the rest of the month (read: 4 weeks / 30 days) and just do the basics. Haha. If you're diligent and super kiasi, you can then continue to "be good" till 40 days are up. I.e. no cold drinks, no cold showers, no walking around with shorts, no wet hair, etc...


Soless@cher said...
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Felicia Boo said...

So did mine! Hahaha which confinement school they graduated from? But I did follow most of it though...But there's one night I beh tahan... I sneaked out (from porch to car parked outside I used umbrella ok!) get prosperity burger hehe

pamsong said...

ATTN: Soless@cher
- Eh! Nothing wrong with your comment ah... Why you delete? :-/

pamsong said...

ATTN: Felicia Boo
- Haha. I didn't follow all also. Only for first 10 days. And even then, I just couldn't bring myself to eat the ginger. *gag* Only stuffed my nose and drank ginger wine. That was the max I could do. Haha. After 10 days, I kicked off the socks for good and washed my hair once. Beh tahan liao.

Also, I had to go in and out of the hospital a lot during confinement so I went outdoors at night at lot. My confinement lady marah man! Hahaha. But no choice. I don't think she graduated from any confinement school but she knows her stuff. She's Shen's Aunty. =)

Chun Leung said...

this is a good post. i'll have it noted down for future reference :)

Chun Leung said...

but i thought it was a wee bit too much for some :P

infinitium said...

#13: NEVER ever believe your confinement lady :)

Chun Leung said...

you should make a post just on that line.
"refer to the last post" :P

choco said...


I don't read your blog for a while and now you have a baby boy???


pamsong said...

ATTN: Chun Leong
– Eh... better too much than too little. Just as it is always better to be safe than sorry. =p


ATTN: infinitium
– Haha. You forgot that this list are things I learned FROM her. She so wouldn't tell me that. =p

ATTN: choco
– Urm... SURPRISEEEE!!! Hahahaha. Yup. Lots have happened since you last read. Must have been at least a quarter of a year since you last visited!

choco said...

HAHA. Quite a nice surprise :)

Can't believe it's been so long man. Congratulations!

pamsong said...

ATTN: choco
– Haha. Now you know! Thanks. =)

Nithya Kuthiah said...

Number 4? What the heck?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Nithya Kuthiah
– Hahaha. That's what they all say. Not just my confinement lady. My MIL and my mom also. Chinese thing, I suppose. :-/

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