Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Not Made For Each Other

While I don't play Diablo III myself – I don't even see the fun in it – The Husband has been making me sit by his side every night just to watch him play. The man probably thinks it constitutes as "spending quality time" in his male psyche. *rolls eyes* Well, after 2 nights of watching him slay ugly-looking demons from the sidelines, I can safely conclude that I was not made to play this wretched game. I prefer Cut The Rope or Scramble to this any day, thank you. So here are three good reasons why Diablo III and I are just not made for each other:

3 Reasons Why I Was Not Made To Play Diablo III
1. I am super kiasi. I hate losing, I hate seeing my life level go down, and I hate dying. So what if I can be resurrected after a restart?? I don't want to die in the first place! >(

2. I am so kiasu I'll smash every crate, barrel and cart in sight to find gold, and then I'll waste time running around picking up every gold piece, weapon, armour and chipped jewel I can find... even if I don't need any of it. @_@

3. I am so kiam siap I would never spend hard-found gold to change the colour or design of anything cosmetic that doesn't improve my skills, bump up my armour, or make me stronger... though according to SOME people, looking good while fighting is important. -_-


infinitium said...

heard so many connectivity issues w/the game... ada masalah connect ka?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– Lots of problems lah the Asian server. My friends also complain. So my husband use another server. HAHA.

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