Monday, May 14, 2012

A Fortune For A Laugh

So, The Husband and I joined the madness and jumped on the Russell Peters bandwagon last weekend. After seeing me so down in the dumps lately, he decided a good laugh was worth the effort (soooo much effort to get tickets!), time (jammmmmmeddddd all the way there!) and money (no cheap tickets left so had to buy Gold 1 tickets!) it would take for us to be there.

After a couple of weeks of waiting with just paper printouts of our RedTix tickets, the Russell Peters Notorious World Tour 2012 finally took place last weekend at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. We didn't get the first round of tickets that were released (sold out in 4 hours or something!?) but all's well and good. The last shall be the first. Those of us who bought tickets for the second show ended up watching it EARLIER than those who fought their way into the first show. Haha. A day before the early-birds, bay-beh!

The Friday night jam was as horrid as ever and as soon as we got into Shah Alam, traffic pretty much reached a standstill. Even so, we made it there just in time and even found parking in the official parking lot. Miracle! Walked in and got assaulted right, left and centre by DJ Spinbad's not-so-good music. -_-''' Thank goodness it didn't last long after we arrived. Made our way to our seats and got comfortable.

The two red Xs you see on the Yellow area mark the spot we sat in.

His opening act was some sleazy, second-rate, ex-boxer dude by the name of Joey Medina. I didn't appreciate his jokes one bit. All dirty and totally inappropriate. It was word porn through and through. If they ever thought of banning Russell Peters, it would be because of him. Shan't waste any more time talking about people I don't like.

Thankfully, Russell Peters took the stage about 15 minutes later and that's when I really started to have fun and enjoy the night. The jokes were good and spontaneous. Some old dude up front kena teruk from him. Haha. "Fizzy" – Russell called him. His two sons – one's 16 (underaged!!) and one's a doctor – also kena. Ah, but it wouldn't make sense if you weren't there so... whatever. Haha.

Bottom line is that I had fun. To be expected, I got tired halfway though and the seats were downright crazy uncomfortable but... on a whole, it was a good show. I'm glad we went and I'm glad The Husband decided to splurge on this one. Now to keep our eyes out for more comedy acts in KL. Preferably those with tickets under RM100 a pop this time around. Hahaha.


kellster said...

i went the same night as you did :)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Kellster
- Turns out a lot of ppl did! I read a couple of ppl's statuses on FB. Haha. But only bumped into one familiar face. Where were you seated?

infinitium said...

pity i had a biz trip, else i'd have gone for the 2nd show (i was one of the gazillions who tried in vain to get the 1st show ticks).

glad to see you laughing again!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– Haha. By the time I knew the first show tix were on sale, they were already sold out. =p I just happened to chance upon a friend update FB to say she bought 2nd show tix so I went in and bought also. Haha.

And yeah. Life's slowly but surely improving. Thankfully!

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