Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diablo III

After less than a day of going back and forth between "Should I get this?" and "IMUSTGETTHISNOW!!!", The Husband finally gave in to temptation and succumbed to the darkness that is DIABLO III. "THIS IS THE RPG THAT BIRTHED ALL RPGs!" he claims. "Issit?" my brain answers silently. "Ho hum," it continues, thoroughly unimpressed.

Took him long enough to download it after paying online and even during that few hours of waiting time, the man just couldn't sit still. He kept getting up to check on his comp! 64%. 71%. 73%. @_@ Oh em gee, you'd think he was anxiously awaiting the birth of his first child with all that eagerness! (He'd better be AT LEAST this eager when it is his first child or else... somebody's gonna get hurt real bad. *grunts*)

I'm not big on computer games. The only one I ever played was WARCRAFT III and even then it was cos he was playing it and I somehow got roped in in his effort to convince his then-girlfriend of two years – me – that what he was playing was actually fun... and intelligent. @_@ "Must think of strategy wan!" "Cannot just fight wan!" *snorts* Ok, if you say so.

So anyway, before he made the purchase, he watched a bunch of the promo videos online and I was made to listen to them as he went through them one by one. Lots of slaying, lots of sound effects in the background. But all I heard was some weird robotic woman's voice talk about demons coming and bla bla bla. (Didn't really pay attention.) So, tried using it to psycho him out of playing.

Pam Song: Yerrr... Why you wanna play this game?? Demonic wan!

The Husband: What?? I KILL demons wat. 

Pam Song: So that makes it ok? 

The Husband: Yup. Not demonic... heroic.

The man thinks he married a two-year-old.


infinitium said...

come come! we play!

Anonymous said...

DIABLo3 is women's worst nitemare

Chun Leung said...

i fully support KS

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– You mad?? I don't play lah! Haha. Only my husband play. I see also macam boring nia. Run here run there find three parts to a sword. Heh??

ATTN: EdiÁ•ě
– Haha. Not when the servers are down. WOO HOO! =p

ATTN: Chun Leung
– Yerrr... you also play??

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