Tuesday, July 02, 2019

A Day Of Goodbyes & Gifts

Our time in KL is coming to a close. It's the last week of school so I'm cramming in as many "goodbyes" as I can before we leave this place we've called home for so long. It's bittersweet but this move has been a long time coming anyways so I guess we've dragged it out for as long as we can already as it is. 

This morning I had breakfast with the AS CCF volunteering parents at the pondok near school. I wish I thought enough to take pictures of the lot of us together one last time but alas, I was too busy talking and eating that it slipped my mind until now that I'm writing this. Boohoo. Wasn't expecting to receive anything but I ended up coming home with a surprise parting gift, too. 🎁

So grateful for my short but sweet time serving the Lord together with these wonderful, self-sacrificing parents who get together weekly in spite of their busy schedules to do all the little things that make a big difference in the little lives we've been blessed with. ❤️

Picked JJ and then rushed off for another appointment. Lunch turned out to be a surprise farewell at House + Co, BSC. Was invited for lunch only actually... but then mana tau, got gift and kena belanja also. Paiseh only. 😅😅😅

Truly blessed to have crossed paths with some really nice people during our time here in KL and during our short stint at AS. I will really miss the friendships, the community spirit and the parents and children we've met and gotten close with.

I then come home after picking JZ from school (kereta sapu in service daily 🚕) and of course, The Husband has to wet-blanket all my fun la, right. Because that's what husbands do, right? Right?? #masterkilljoy Naturally... So... 

The Husband: Eh... why people keep giving you gifts wan?

Pam Song: Because I'm nice la!

The Husband: I don't get it. How do you do it?? Why they always give you gifts!?

Pam Song: Ya la, ya la. Everybody likes to give me gifts except my husband.

The Husband: *blink blink* Because I'm the greatest gift wat. 😁 #shameless

Pam Song: 🙄

The Husband: Eh... but why do they give you gifts??? Puzzling la.

ZZZ... SOME people ah.


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