Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nen nennnn...

JJ wakes me up this morning by doing
the unthinkable – dream suckling!!! LOL!


The mouth and tongue was going chut-chut-chut, man. With sound effect summore. Haha. I tried to video it but it was too dark in the bedroom and he was lying on my chest at a weird angle so all attempts at recording the moment failed. Haih. Anyway, he hasn't done that in the longest time la. Not since he self-weaned-as-psychoed-to at 2y3m5d last Christmas! Guess the baby in him didn't as fully bid bye-bye to the nen-nen like we thought it did. Once a nen-nen addict, always a nen-nen addict, eh? 😝


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