Thursday, June 08, 2017

Carseat Lessons

JJ is generally ok with sitting in the carseat. He even likes to buckle up most of the time. But since we've put TWO carseats in my very compact 1 Series, he's started wanting to sit snugly in the middle seat, between the two carseats. So...

I thought a practical lesson was in order. 😈

See, there's a winding road right behind where I live. And during off-peak hours, it gets quite quiet and traffic-free. So today, I decided to get out of the house a little earlier to bring JJ for a drive before picking JZ up from school. Left the house, and, as expected, JJ got into the middle seat of my car and refused to get into his carseat. Perfect. So I stopped arguing with him, started the car, and drove off to have some fun with Sports Mode. 🚗💨

I go around the first bend in the road.

JJ: *crazy eyes* Ahhh! Not so fast, mommmyyyy!!

My car swings to the left around another bend.

JJ: *while clinging desperately to the side of his unused carseat* Slow down, mommyyyy!!! 

The car swings to the right again at another bend*

JJ: *with his eyes closed now and clinging on to dear life* Ah'terwards! My bones! Break! Mommyyyy!!!!!!

And after that, I stopped the car at the side of the road and turned around without saying a word. Guess what? The little one immediately scrambled into his carseat and buckled himself in. Tadaaaa! 🎉🎉🎉


The end.



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