Saturday, April 20, 2013

Taiwan, April '13: Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."


So, like it always seems to be whenever I find myself traveling to a holiday destination via airplane, dear ol' Murphy just had to come along for the ride. Sigh. A simple 4.5-hour flight to Taiwan ended up taking all of 12 hours and everything that could have gone wrong, did. We were supposed to arrive in Taiwan by the afternoon, with ample time to freshen up and rest before dinner out in the town. But by the time we actually got out to the Arrival Hall, the sun had already gone down and it was already dark. =(

Flight delayed. Flight missed.
Baggages "lost" in transit.

We just had to experience them ALL lah
on my son's maiden trip abroad.

Come one, come all.
Suey suey sai lang semua. -_-

See, we decided to fly Cathay Pacific this time around cos we figured that traveling on a full service airline would be easier with an infant. Summore first time flying far far with him, right? Better just be safe rather than sorry lah. Short flights with a short transit in between better. Nanti kelam-kabut in mid air then hailat liao. @_@ But still bad move la. Maybe should have just gone with Air Asia and flown direct from KL to Taiwan.

Cos, as fate would have it, although my son travelled like a total pro and didn't make a single scene throughout our 12-hour journey from beginning to end (so proud of him for being so well-behaved!) "uneventful" would so not be the way I'd describe our trip here. :-/ Our first flight out of KLIA was delayed by over an hour so we missed our connecting flight during our transit in Hong Kong and were put on a later flight. Because of that, our baggages ended up on a different flight and did not arrive in Taiwan when we did. -_-'

And I tell you ah, although we checked in our baggages at the very. same. time. as the other members of our family who are traveling with us with three other luggages, only OUR two luggages didn't arrive. >( Super WTH, right?! Suey or not, I ask you??? Sigh. Ended up having to wear a 15-year-old relative's clothes for the night and bathing my son in a laundry basket without any soap. -_-

Thankfully, I always have a spare change of clothes for him and extra diapers in his baby bag so we could still get him out of his dirty travel clothes and into bed even without his luggage bag. Oh, and I'm also super thankful he's breast-fed so no problems with his milk either. Or else I really dunno how liao. :-/

Anyway, the trip's nice so far. Persistent wet weather is the only damper but that's only to be expected during springtime in Taiwan, I suppose. :-/ Still, I hope the rain clouds ease up and the sun decides to play nice the next few days while we're here so we can do some real sightseeing. Anyhoo, Sun Moon Lake tomorrow, followed by Alishan the day after. Woo hoo! =D


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