Monday, April 09, 2012

Another Wedding To Attend

And this time, it's the wedding of my second oldest friend in the world. A girl my age whom I went to kindergarten with, went to primary school with, kept in touch all through secondary school with (even before the days of Facebook, Friendster and mobile phones!), and went to college with.

Yup, that's what you get with 20-something years of friendship. Haha. A journey through the many different stages of life where you get to see the other during their worst and their best times. Well, school's over. Now, it's time for us to grow up, get married and start families of our own.

She attended my wedding on the 9th of July last year,
and on the 5th of May this year, I'll be attending hers. =)

Only The Husband's slightly offended at being referred to
as "and Partner" instead of "and Husband". HAHAHA.


nithyakuthiah said...

Siek ah?

Felicia Boo said...

Mine also same la, felicia & partner. It should've been mr & mrs kan for you at least right?? Hahaha nobody 'sekolah-kan' her about this ar...

Pam Song said...

ATTN: nithyakuthiah
– Haha. Yup! To the guy she was dating (baru at that time) when we attended our convo in USM, Penang. Jeng jeng!

ATTN: Felicia Boo
– HAHAHAHAHA. Yours should be Mr & Mrs Ngai also ma. I dunno her, man... And she summore attended BOTH our weddings! So takkan she dunno their names kan? Haha. Buat malu kata pergi School of Communications. =p

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