Friday, February 03, 2017

JJ's 1st Sticker

Ethan got his first sticker from school today. It was sneakily hidden on his button. Mommy gets super excited of course. And this conversation ensues.

Pam Song: Wow!! Ethan you got a sticker today!! 

JJ: I have a sticker. 

Pam Song: Who gave it to you?? 

JJ: Zu. (His English-speaking class teacher.)

Pam Song: Why? What did you do? Were you a good boy today? Why did she give you a sticker today? (Too excited to wait for his answers to come. LOL.)

JJ: I never fight with my friends. 🤗

Pam Song: 😳



Oh, what will I do with this boy. 🙃


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