Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's That Sound??

While feeding the kids their breakfast,
we hear helicopters and jets zooming by loudly.

Pam Song: JZ, do you know what's that sound? 

JZ: *eyes wide open* No.

Pam Song: It's our Independence Day today, JZ. There's a big airshow going on in town. That's why all the planes are zooming so loudly above us. 

JZ: Ohhh... Can we go and see, Mommy? Can we? Can we? 

*my helper stifles a giggle*

Pam Song: *turns to helper* What? Why you laugh?

Jas: I thought war, ma'am!!

Hahaha. Good one.


Happy Merdeka, Malaysia.

May our love-hate relationship
lean further toward the former
much sooner rather than later.

Pam Song


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